Sales Process Media: An indispensable sales tool

Question 1:  Is it useful to have quality sales/marketing collateral to support serving customers at all stages of the sales/purchasing process? Question 2:  Is it useful to have all of the above in digital form to ease distribution? OK, two questions with absurdly obviously answers.  Of course, any sales professional would love to have a […]

Does Grandma “get” it? (…B2B social selling, that is)

If you’re a B2B sales rep and don’t fully “get” social media selling as it applies to the B2B world, you are toast!  Go find someone who can explain why it’s so essential to their grandma.  Seriously!  Better yet, find a grandma who has built a digital extension herself, an e-Rep!

Real Expertise or Network Strength? (…another perspective)

Marilyn Monroe.  A famous name.  One that virtually everyone recognizes, right?  Do you think of expertise in consumer product marketing when you think of Marilyn Monroe?  I’m guessing probably not. And yet, Marilyn Monroe is arguably the best perfume sales person in history. And how did that come about?  Well, a reporter – looking for […]

The e-Rep and the “B” account

Quite often the most maddening thing about a “B” account is that if you happen to show up at exactly the right time on exactly the right day, you land an order.  But how on earth do you determine that right time and day?  Dumb luck is the only strategy, and it’s crazy to depend […]