Build credibility BEFORE you meet the customer

As a sales rep, you know better than anybody what your customers and prospects need to know. You’ve done your research. You know their issues, challenges and objectives. You know the value they could accrue by using your stuff. They just won’t take the time to meet with you and listen! Well, maybe it’s you […]

MASSIVE “Establish Business Relationship” cycle-time reduction

Every sales pro knows that establishing a solid, credible, cordial business relationship with the decision-maker is fundamentally essential for success.  Every sales pro also knows that doing so takes time – precious, fleeting, oh-so-valuable time. Most business processes, being at their core pretty scientific, can be studied, dissected, and redesigned so that the cycle time […]

“GO VIRAL!!!” vs. “go viral”

Get viewed by more than a million people in less than a week. That’s the generally accepted minimum for “going viral.” Let’s just go with that as a definition for now. Going viral is the benchmark. It’s the essential badge of honor that differentiates between a legitimately talented marketer and a wanna’ be. If one […]