Henly Shelton of Compliancy

Doing business in “BRIC?”  That is, Brazil, Russia, India or China?  You just might be putting yourself and your company at risk – BIG TIME RISK – unless you know and are complying with a whole host of U.S. and international laws.  Is what you call a “Business Gift” considered to be a “Facilitation Payment” […]

Kelley Robertson & Fearless Selling

  Talk about a guy who understands the art of the compelling sales conversation! To me, the most interesting part of our conversation was exploring Kelley’s views on “Ditch the Pitch.”  He rails against the idea of spewing out the same speech over and over and over.  He wonders how anyone could think a scripted […]

Selling Is STILL One Person At A Time

Hey, Sales Pro! Do you: Wait around for the marketing department to create content for you? Consider blogging a poor use of your time? Ignore the selling punch of video – you personally creating sales videos that sell? I humbly suggest that’s crazy!!! Or do you have the opposite disease?  Do you: Focus intently over […]