Plan Every Sales Call In Writing!

Sometimes, stating the obvious is nothing more than that; merely verbalizing what everybody in the audience already knows.  Sometimes, something is obvious to the speaker/writer, but is genuinely a novel concept for the audience.  Sometimes, everybody already knows, but only a few actually practice the best practice. Plan every sales call in writing

Customer focus must be ignored at all cost!

“Full Service!”  “Total Solution!”  “We handle everything!”  “We are a customer focused company!”  Virtually always, statements like these are a load of hooey. I’ll start with the moral of the story.  Don’t claim to be customer focused or full service unless you are absolutely certain you fully and completely understand all the details of the […]

There Are No Sacred Cows

(This is a guest post by my old friend and colleague, Ray Charland of Lead Dog Selling.  Think as you read this piece.  There’s a subtle, yet powerful message regarding the necessity of creating and growing your “e-Rep.”  Please forgive his fondness for the Red Sox and Celtics…) My sister Kathy is an avid reader. […]

Think Big

There’s something exhilarating about tackling a really big problem or pursuing a really big goal.  It somehow puts so many things in a different perspective.  Lucky for me, I’ve experienced the excitement quite a few times in my business career, and now I’m in the middle of another biggie in the community service arena. As […]