The 3 Facets of E-Rep

One way to get your brain wrapped around the E-Rep concept is to consider its three main aspects. Lurk & Learn Objective: Continuously enhance personal skills, knowledge and understanding Tools: RSS reader, Google Alerts, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, FaceBook Actions: Read, read, read, watch, watch, watch, listen, listen, listen, absorb, absorb, absorb, think, think, think […]

If You’re Going To Lose, Lose Quickly!

Doesn’t it always seem like it takes more time to lose an opportunity than it does to win one?  Well, based on a whole lot of empirical data I’ve collected over the years that instinct is true.  In company after company, industry after industry, 2.1 seems to be the ratio. That doesn’t necessarily mean twice […]

E-Rep: Do You Have One?

It’s no secret that yours truly believes that every “H-Rep” needs an “E-Rep.”  Your electronic alter-ego helps deliver not only your value proposition, but more importantly real, tangible value in terms of information, knowledge and insight.  He/She/It is also on duty 24 X 7 X 365! So what portions of an E-Rep do you have […]